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Watch enthusiasts today have nearly unlimited brand options and price levels to choose from. While design preferences and budgets drive buying decisions, it is important to remember that all watches are not made equal. It is rare to find high quality watches in local department stores but that doesn't mean one has to buy the ultra pricey mega-brands to get good quality. As watch enthusiasts, we at KAYANIV, strive to find the tipping point where we can get the best quality at the optimal price.
To ensure every watch at KAYANIV is of the highest quality at the best price, we have formulated 3 simple objective rules known as the KAYANIV Code.

Every watch in our collection is built to satisfy the following KAYANIV Code:


The "heart" of any watch is the "movement" that keeps time. An automatic movement is powered by the motion of the user's hand while a quartz movement is powered by a watch battery. Irrespective of the type of movement it is critical to ensure that they are dependable and thoroughly tested - Only the highest quality Swiss Movements are used in every KAYANIV watch


The watch case that houses the movement and the dial, is the most visible design element in a watch and it also protects the movement - Only surgical grade Stainless Steel, High Tech Ceramic or Gold is used in our watches


The crystal or "glass" that covers the dial is a critical element in a watch. Scratched crystal compromises the ability to tell time - Only genuine scratch-proof Sapphire Crystal is used for the dial or for the exhibition case back

We believe our watches represent an unique combination of American design and Swiss horology that is sure to satisfy the discriminating watch collectors enthusiasm for high quality timepieces without the hype and price of a mega brand. We are excited to share our portfolio of watches with you. Call, email or text us for more information.

Make your next watch a KAYANIV watch!