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KAYANIV was formed by watch enthusiasts with a singular purpose of providing high quality watches for the discerning watch collector. As avid watch collectors, we have personally experienced the thrill of owning a well designed watch and the disappointment of making the wrong choice.

The watches in our collection have been selected to provide superlative performance using time-tested Swiss movements and case materials, while ensuring it is still accessible to a wider group of watch enthusiasts and not just boutique brand seekers. Every watch that bears the KAYANIV "winged-shell" logo satisfies the KAYANIV Code of quality. The code ensures that every watch we offer features the best Swiss movements encased in surgical grade stainless steel or precious metals and every watch is protected by a genuine sapphire crystal. We are confident that you will appreciate the attention to detail and the benefits of the code when you hold your own KAYANIV watch in your hands.

We are excited to share our portfolio of watches with you. Call, email or text us for more information.